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Top 11 Surprising Birth Control Facts

Health professionals agree that many forms of birth control such as oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices (IUDs), as well as skin patches would be the safest and most effective method to lessen the chance of unintentional pregnancies.

Women ought to learn that they must understand birth control before commencing it. However, there are some interesting facts about birth control women may not discover in their doctor’s clinic.

1. Birth control can influence which men a woman is attracted to based on their genetic makeup.

2. 95 percent of all unintended pregnancies are the result of inconsistent birth control use.

3. Birth control does not cause weight gain among women who take it.

4. Medical benefits of oral contraceptive include less acne, less, cramping, less menstrual flow, less excess body hair, lower cancer risk, fewer ectopic pregnancies, osteoporosis protection, lower risk of inflammatory disease.

5. While oral contraceptive is the most popular form of birth control in the United States, more people use IUDs worldwide.

6. The majority of 28-day oral contraceptive regimens contain seven placebo pills.

7. There is no medical time limit for how long you can take oral contraceptives.

8. Women in ancient times used Silphium, a plant from the parsley family, as birth control. It became extinct due to overharvesting.

9. There are forms of birth control used to lower pigeon and geese populations.

10. Men who take birth control intended for women run the risk of larger breasts, less facial hair, smaller testicles, and a lower sex drive.

11. Although there is currently no male oral contraceptive, a birth control pill for men is currently in development.

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