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Why passengers are threatening to boycott PAL


PAL – It looked like a good deal but in the end, it turned out to be a dud.

Over 200 devastated holidaymakers have threatened to boycott Philippine Airlines PAL) after the Lucio Tan-owned carrier cancelled their bookings due to a pricing glitch, GMA News Online reported.

A technical glitch allowed airline passengers to snap up steeply-discounted tickets. PAL claimed the cheap tickets were a mistake and cancelled all their reservations, causing fury among customers.

The flag carrier apologized and offered a full refund of the amount paid for the tickets affected by the glitch. Disgruntled customers, however, won’t take this sitting down.

According to GMA News Online, irate customers think PAL should honor the reservations they made in good faith.

“We, customers, are now very inclined to boycott PAL. We plan to give to PAL’s competition, over our lifetime, the small fortune that one tends to spend on air trave,” the customers were quoted as saying by GMA News Online.

Mistakes in ticketing prices are rare but do happen.

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