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Robin kinampihan ng foreigner sa pambabara sa Korean magician; love na love si Duterte

BINANATAN man si Robin Padilla sa pagiging patriotic niya kaugnay ng pambabara sa isang Korean na contestant sa isang talent show kung saan isa siya sa mga judge, nakahanap naman siya ng kakampi sa isang British na may name na Malcolm na nagpadala ng sulat sa kanya at ipinost sa Instagram.

“Dear Sir, I just thought I would write you personally to congratulate you on the patriotism and love that you have shown for your country.

“As I am sure you are aware, like you, I like the Philippines very much. In fact, my greatest dream would be, one day become a Filipino citizen as well as of course retain mg British nationality as I love both countries equally.

“I have watched the clip of Pilipinas Got Talent several times where a Korean national is performing a magic set as part of his audition to the judges. The contestant explained that he had grown up in the Philippines but had not earnt Tagalog as he attended in an international school.


Duterte denies hand in SEC ruling vs Rappler


“To me, this is not really an excuse. If you have grown up in the Philippines and clearly called the Philippines your home, you should at least make effort to learn the language.

“When the Korean national got into his act, clearly he can in fact understand and speak a little Tagalog.

“I believe your intentions were just to coax it out of him a little. In fact, you are a comedian too and in a way was just having a little fun, making a valid observation.


Rappler still free to continue operations – SEC



“I know you very well love the Philippines and your fellow countrymen very much.

“You are in incredible ambassador for the country and a much loved icon on Philippine cinema. Thank you also so much for supporting President Rodrigo Duterte, who like yourself, love the Philippines and her people very much.

“You were never a racist at all, as some Filipinos have claimed, in fact, I truly wish others were able to be outspoken and stand up for their beliefs in a very clear and passionate manner.

“Mabuhay ka sir at maraming salamat po.

“Respectfully yours, Malcolm.”

Actually, mas marami kaming nabasang positive comments tungkol sa ginawang pambabara ni Robin sa nasabing Korean na isang magician.

May nagsabi pa nga na karapatan ni Robin ang pagalitan o sermunan ang isang dayuhan na 10 na nang nasa Pilipinas pero hindi man lang nag-effort para pag-aralan ang ating language.

Hindi nga naman tama na tayo pang mga Filipino ang mag-adjust sa mga dayuhang tulad nila, di ba? May point.

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